Focus Areas

Compliance with regulation is great way to avoid very public regulatory fines. Other actions can greatly reduce the cost of a data breach, but only if implemented before the breach occurs. My services focus on providing you the most value for your time.

Privacy Notices

Many websites and apps collect user information in some way. Depending on what information you collect, and where your users are located, you might be required to have a Privacy Notice. Do you have a privacy notice? Are you following your privacy notice?

Policies and Compliance

Written Policies and Procedures can be an important part of keeping your companies data safe and secure. Do you have clear Policies and Procedures for your employees to follow? Are your Policies and Procedures in compliance with regulations?

Privacy Training

Privacy policies are only useful if everyone knows what they say and how to follow them. Some regulations require regular training.

Artificial Intelligence

One technical area I enjoy working on is Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. In my git repository I have machine learning projects that I would be happy to show you. A snippet of the reinforcement project I programmed is the banner image on this website.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a vital part of protecting the value of your business. I have drafted patents, managed patent portfolios, and evaluated patent portfolios for commercialization and sale of the technology.